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As a music editor, PPG supports directors, cutters or other music supervisors during post-production by creating and adapting music suggestions (songs or so-called temp score) to the latest cut. We deliver all common video and sound formats in the desired resolution as a file or on your or our server, gladly with watermark, as a download or on VHS with accompanying music cassette.

All participants can judge the effect of different song suggestions much better and faster. This not only saves time in the cutting process, but also supports decision-making.

As a result, we deliver edited songs directly into the mix!



For copyright reasons, our show reel can only be shown with password protection.



Pantaleon Film - Amazon Fire TV Stick (Music Editing)

Hellinger / Doll - SMS for you, four against the bank (Music Editing)

Viafilm - Gut zu Vögeln (Temp Scoring / Music Editing)
Majestic Film - There and Away (Music Editing)


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